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The XIVth Anti-Aging Medicine, Corrective Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Congress
06-08 MAY 2022, RAMADA Parc Hotel, Bucharest.

Congress Presidents

General Mr (r) Prof.Dr. Ioan Nedelcu                         

Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae


The Scientific committee:

Prof.Dr.Tiberiu Bratu

Prof.Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica

Conf. Dr. Ana Maria Oproiu

Conf.Dr. Zorin Crainiceanu       

Asoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Savu 

Conf. Dr. Laura Raducu

FRIDAY 06.05.2022


08.00-08.30  REGISTRATION

08.30-10.30  The Importance  of new emerging technologies in dermatology. Pneumatic fractional treatment combined with new nonablative laser techniques in acne scars and nonsurgical blepharoplasty. Asoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Savu, dr Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae

10.30-10.45  COFFEE BREAK

10.45-11.40  6 months of experience with High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HMWHA) for the treatment and prevention of skin ageing. Dr. Noura Lebbar

11.45-12.45  A viscoelastic hyaluronic acid filler, formulated to guarantee the maximum in terms of natural-looking results (live demo). Dr. Ivan Vatamanesku


12.45-13.30  LUNCH BREAK

Full intimate treatment for vaginal rejuvenation

13.30-14.20 Genital Use of HA for Functional and Aesthetic Goals in women: Treatment of the complaints of Postmenopausal GUS. Dr. OZGUR  LEYLEK MD. ObGyn

14.25-15.30  Labia Majora Augmentation. Dr.OZGUR LEYLEK MD.ObGyn 

15.30-15.45  COFFEE BREAK

15.45-16.30   Applications to support the women sexual life (G Shot and I-Tongue procedures). Dr.OZGUR LEYLEK MD.ObGyn

16..30-16.45  COFFEE BREAK

16.45-17.45  The non-invasive and effective way method for vaginal rejuvenation:  Effect of LADYLIFT vaginal solid state laser on genitourinary and sexual symptoms of menopause. Dr. Alina Sirbu MD. ObGyn

17.45-18.00    COFFEE BREAK

18.00-19.00  Q&A Session.



17.00-17.30 Melasma, challange or success? .Dr. Amalia Anghel

SATURDAY 07.05.2022


08.00-08.30    REGISTRATION

08.30-09.00  New trends in corrective dermatology 2022- new scientific based protocols in microneedling. Dr. Teresa Petre, Dr. Cristina Cucu, Dr. Alexandra Stoicescu 

09.00-09.30 Health sector skill alliance for creating innovative and e­fficient VET programmes and improving the digital Skills of medical physics and health professionals”. Asoc.Prof.Dr. Bogdan Savu, Assoc. Prof. Phd. Eng. Dorina Popovici, As. Phd. Eng. Iuliana Marin

09.30-10.00  The development of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin rejuvenation and treatment of photoaging. The first hyperbaric product manufactured in Romania. Dr. Ionut Moraru, Ec. Aurel Ispas, Ing. Alex Ispas               

10.00-10.30  Hyperhidrosis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and methods of treatment with boutulinum toxin (live demo). Dr. Cristina Cucu

10.30-10.45   COFFEE BREAK

10.45-11.45  Performance and safety of cohesive polydensified matrix hyaluronic acid fillers. Amazing effect of hydroxyapatite products in lifting conturing and volumetry. (Live demo). Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae

11.45-12.15 New frontiers in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Topical Modulation of Adipose Tissue using Synergic Therapy Process. Assist. Dr. Adrian Frunza 

12.15-12.45 Polynucleotides: an innovative approach to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Adriana Fratilescu 

12.45-13.30    LUNCH BREAK

13.30-14.00 Urinary Incontinence and Intimate Life improvement with HIFEM and Radiofrequency.Dr. Diana Mihai

14.00-14.30  Sculpt your body-The benefits of patients treated with radiofrequency and High Intensity Electromagnetic technology to improve muscle Hypertrophy, muscle Hyperplasia and reduce adipose tissue. Dr. Gabriel Balcangiu-Stroescu 

14.30-15.10 Dermal fillers of the 5th generation hybrid structure. Combination of the best qualities of both mono-and biphasic products (Live Demo). Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae 

15.10-15.30 Hyaluronidase in the covid period, why,when, how. Dr. Daniela Taher 

15.30-15.45   COFFEE BREAK

15.45-17.45 The Domino Effect – how to achieve an amazing non-surgical lift. Asist. Univ. Dr. Andreea Boca

17.45-18.00   COFFEE BREAK

18.00-19.00   Q&A SESSION

21.00 Gala Dinner-Anti-Aging Trophy




10.00-10.30 Ultimate biorevitalization with hybrid injectables. Dr. Anca Raducan

10.30-11.00  REGISTRATION

11.00-11.05 Welcome Address  Dr. Laura Luca 

11.05-14.00 A developer of high-technology laser systems for medicine (aesthetics& dermatology). 

11.05-11.10 Introduction to aesthetics&dermatology laser system. Dr. Alen Zajkeskovic & Dr. Vlaho Krisper 

11.10-11.45 Overview of Laser Energy Based Devices. SP Dynamis – Award Winning Multi-use Laser. Dr. Cesar Arroyo 

11.45-12.00 Scar revision. Dr. Evgeny Skivka 

12.00-12.10 LipLase. Dr. Natasha Mitrevska 

12.10-12.25 HairRestart. Dr. Evgeny Skivka 

12.25-12.45 Laser system 4D Non-Invasive FaceLifting, VectorLift & SmoothEye.Dr. Cesar Arroyo 

12.45-13.30    LUNCH BREAK

13.30-14.00  AvalachLase – Most Powerful Hair Removal System. Dr. Jernej Kukovic 

14.00-14.30 Body Aesthetics / TightSculpting. Dr. Adrian Gaspar 

14.30-15.00 Overview of Laser & Magnetic Gynecology Application. Dr. Adrian Gaspar 

15.00-15.15 Gynecology SUI & GSM. Dr. Mihaela Vasilescu 

15.15-15.30 Gynecology from genital ablative to non – ablative treatments (Lichen sclerosus, vulvar depigmentation, removal of benign lesions). Dr. Natasha Mitrevska 

15.30-15.45   COFFEE BREAK

15.45-16.15 Starwalker-Pigmentation&Tattoo (PICO&NANO). Dr. Evgeny Skivka. 

16.15-16.30 Laser Lipolisys. Dr. Bogdan Caraban 

16.30-17.45 Open Disscusion. Dr. Gaspar, Dr. Arroyo, Dr. Skivka, Dr. Natasha Mitrevska & Dr. Vasilescu 

17.45-18.00   COFFEE BREAK.

SUNDAY 08.05.2022


08.00-08.30    REGISTRATION

08.30-10.00 Blockchain-Based Strategies for Healthcare. The Antiaging coin project for Healthcare. Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae Jr., Matei Mihail Niculae CFO at Cryptoblok Capital.

10.00-10.30 Long Covid and Antiaging. G-ral. Mr  Prof.  Dr.Ioan Nedelcu , Conf. Univ. Dr. Dana –Mihaela Nedelcu,  Asist.Univ.Dr. Laura –Elena Mocanu, Dr. Cristina Pana.

10.30-10.45   COFFEE BREAK

10.30-11.15  Innovative complex therapy with virtual coarboxytherapy, ultrasound and tripollar radiofrecvency?. G-ral. Mr  Prof.  Dr.Ioan Nedelcu , Conf. Univ. Dr. Dana –Mihaela Nedelcu,  Asist.Univ.Dr. Laura –Elena Mocanu, Dr. Cristina Pana. 

11.20-12.00  Vaccins induced autoimmunity implication in general pathology and Antiaging. G-ral. Mr  Prof.  Dr.Ioan Nedelcu , Conf. Univ. Dr. Dana–Mihaela Nedelcu,  Asist.Univ.Dr. Laura –Elena Mocanu, Dr. Cristina Pana. 

12.00-12.45 Round table anti-aging medicine. Asoc. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Savu, Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae Dr. Teresa Petre, Dr. Cristina Cucu, Dr. Alexandra Stoicescu 

12.45-13.30   LUNCH BREAK

13.30-15.30  Round table corrective dermatology, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

Prof. Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica, Dr. Ovidiu Fiti, Dr.Sorin Godi, Dr. Cristina Cucu.

15.30-15.45   COFFEE BREAK

15.45-17.45  Q&A SESSION

17.45-18.00   COFFEE BREAK

18.00-19.00  Closing the day. Remarks and Diploma of Attendance.